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Ramadam Kareem ! Muslims across the globe all set to observe the holy month

Ramadan is here. The 9th month of the Islamic calender that lasts for a month is the holy month for Muslims. It’s the month when Muslims fast, neither eating nor drinking, from dawn to dusk. The connotation of this practice is not to just go hungry but to instill in every Muslim the qualities of being patient, calm, kind, spiritual, practice good deeds, introspect and donate to the poor, known as ‘zakat’.

For those living in the gulf countries, Ramadan-ul-Mubarak in 2011 will be more testing with long days and hot weather. However, shorter working hours will compensate for it to a large extent.

As the test for Muslims across the world begins in their most holy month, here’s wishing all – Ramadan Kareem !


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