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Reason behind the death of pop Queen Whitney Houston still remains a mystery

Pop diva Whitney Houston, who had died on Saturday, when around 3:30 p m she
was first found lying unconscious in her bathing tub, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by
one of the staff member. On not responding she was been pulled out by the other
members of the staff and the matter was immediately notified to the hotel security.
After half an hour of the incident she was declared dead.

An autopsy had been carried out on Sunday, which declared that there were no indication
of foul play or any sign of violent attack on her body that would make it a criminal
case. But again it will take months before the exact reason behind Whitney Houston
death can come to light.

For the past few years the singer was going through a tough time fighting her way
through drugs, pills and divorce, which had torn her and her career apart. Whitney
Houston had been planning to make a comeback and was suppose to be performing
At the same day at the Grammy Awards function when the unfortunate incident took

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