Republicans openly challenge the authority of President Barack Obama after sending a warning letter to Iran, Washington

The fight between the Democrats and the Republicans is something that the whole world is aware about. But what they didn’t know was that till what extent can they go to express their views for each other. There’s absolutely no limit and that’s what the Republicans have proved this time. Opposing President Barack Obama’s any decision, 47 Republicans send a written warning letter to Iran that no matter whatever conclusion Iran would be taking with President Barack Obama considering their nuclear operations is going to last only till the time Mr. President would be in position, once Obama leaves the office in 2017 so will the negotiations.

By sending such a letter Republicans have not only tainted the image of the American government supremacy in front of the world they also have led to a foreign policy restless. The Republicans have dared to challenge the commander-in-chief’s position as well as his authority, which definitely has stirred an uproar in the House. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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