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Romney’s tax plan proposal comes in as a shock for his election campaign but a relief for the Democrats

With days nearing the election its required for the candidates to be extremely careful and sensible in representing themselves and their plans for the upliftment of the economy. But it seems that Mitt Romney has forgotten in doing both of them. With representing his latest tax plan proposal he has lived up to the image that Obama and his team members had put up of the former Massachusetts governor, that Romney is one of those wealthy American who is so much involved in himself that he has no idea how the everyday Americans are dealing with economy crisis and that his first preference would always be for the rich people. And Romney has just proved himself that President Barack Obama was so much right about him.

And what actually does the tax plan states : Households with income exceeding $200 000 would receive tax cuts, while the taxes for the other 95% would increase. Those taxpayers who are making more than $ 1 million would receive an average cut of $87 000, while those making less than $200 000 would pay an average of $500 more. The decisions made by Romney has been openly favouring the wealthy group, where they would be benefitted both from lower rates on ordinary income which consists of their wages and salaries and from tax preferences that had been heavily directed towards them. Although Romney has been repeatedly speaking of sparing the middle class from the tax burden but the conclusion from the Tax Policy Centre speaks a different tune altogether.

So, with representing tax plan Romney could have done something that would have built up his image of being a candidate who does understand the problem of economic crisis and of the Americans but instead he has succeeded in living up to an image that had been built up by his opponents. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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