shivaji-nagar-murderResidents of Shivaji Nagar, Nerul have written letters of complaints to the Commissioner of Police stating the unjustifiable alleged murder of 28 years old Nitin Shinde. Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Rajeev Mishra met residents and the police for an insight. Locals of Shivaji Nagar, Nerul allege that their neighbor Nitin Shinde was beaten to death by a few men in their area. They say that despite several complaints to the Nerul Police, the latter has entered Nitin death as being natural in their record. Locals say that they were witnesses to the incident. They say that they saw 2-3 men of their area beat up Nitin who ended up fainting. When he gained consciousness, he was being taken to the hospital but he collapsed again and died before getting treatment. Residents say that since the Vashi’s NMMC Hospital’s post mortem report states no marks due to injuries on Nitin’s body, the police has registered a case of natural death. Locals say that the doctors at NMMC hospital and the police are being negligent and hence have written letters to the Commissioner of Police and DCP. When quested why Nitin was beaten by the men, locals said that the latter assumed that Nitin was standing near their vehicles to steal car tapes. Nitin worked as a driver in a private company and according to locals has no criminal record. The death of Nitin has left his family devastated, as he was the only bread winner of the family. when Navi Mumbai News approached the Nerul Police Station, we were told that they will not speak to the media as investigations in the alleged murder of Nitin are underway.


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