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Singer actress Jennifer Lopez files $20 million lawsuit against former driver on charges of extortion

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has claimed that her former driver had been blackmailing her that if she does not pay him $2.8 million he would expose her with revealing her secrets. Hakob Manoukian had been in charge of her security and transportation since 2005, but had resigned abruptly in between of his term from his position after he had fought over with the stars manager over contractual differences. After resigning from the post he started to blackmail the star that if she wouldn’t pay up he would leak out every personal and secret conversation that he had heard when he use to be her driver.

To answer back, the star had filed a lawsuit against the former driver of $20 million for the damages he had caused the star. The lawsuit had been filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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