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Social Crusader Sandeep Thakur Exposes Deputy Mayor Avinash Lad and Shiv Sena Corporator Kishor Patkar

Navi Mumbai : NMMC Dy Mayor Avinash Lad owns 5 JN Type apartments and Shiv Sena corporator Kishore Patkar owns 9 JN Type apartments. Social activist Sandeep Thakur has given a record of the apartments they own to the Bombay High Court.

It may be recalled that social crusader Sandeep Thakur is fighting a case in Bombay High Court against redevelopment. In an affidavit filed by him in court, Sandeep Thakur has exposed NMMC Dy. Mayor Avinash Lad and Shiv Sena corporator Kishor Patkar’s personal interest in redevelopment of dilapidated CIDCO homes. He has submitted details of JN Type apartments owned by both.

Shiv Sena Corporator Kishor Patkar

Kishor Patkar Owned JN Type Apartments :

JN1 Type Apartments :

1) JN1/38/A7, Sector 9, Vashi
2) JN1/64/B7, Sector 9, Vashi
3) JN1/02/A8, Sector 9, Vashi
4) JN1/04/A2, Sector 9, Vashi

JN2 Type Apartments :

1) JN2/24/B5, Sector 9, Vashi
2) JN2/05/B8, Sector 9, Vashi
3) JN2/45/B8, Sector 9, Vashi
4) JN2/50/B5, Sector 9, Vashi
5) JN2/18/B1, Sector 9, Vashi

NMMC Dy. Mayor Avinash Lad

Avinash Lad Owned JN Type Apartments :

JN2 Type Apartments :

1) JN2/63/A3, Sector 9, Vashi
2) JN2/09/A7, Sector 9, Vashi
3) JN2/43/A, Sector 9, Vashi
4) JN2/73/A3, Sector 9, Vashi
5) Apartment With Undisclosed Details 234 sq.

Speaking to NMTV, Sandeep Thakur said that in his affidavit, “The corporotor Kishor Patkar owns 9 JN 1 and JN 2 apartments while the Dy. Mayor owns 5 JN2 type apartments. Now why have these people purchased so many apartments. Patkar’s declared weath is Rs. 37 Crores and Dy. Mayor Avinash Lad’s declared wealth is more than Rs. 5 Crores. These are not poor people. Finally you have to see the reality on ground. If poor people are going to benefit then well and good. If they are getting bigger homes no issue. But you can see they have already started investing and there is trade of so many apartments. Apparently, their intention is to sell these apartments after redevelopment. I am sure they will these two corporators are not going to stay in these apartments located in 10 different locations.”

The affidavit by Sandeep Thakur has only further endorsed what the people already know – that the politicians have selfish interest under the guise of being pursuing redevelopment for the poor in the interest of public. Zeba Warsia – NMTV News.



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