The Standing Committee approved an additional budgetary allocation of Rs 2.5 crores to the NMMC Education Board for the year 2006-07. Standing Committee Member Nhanu Teli of Shiv-Sena proposed to hike the allocation by Rs. 4.5 crores from the Rs 19.35 crores proposed by the education board of NMMC. Navi Mumbai News Special Correspondent from NMMC Vishwarath Nayar reports that the Education Committee had demanded Rs. 26.9980 crores, while the standing committee approved Rs.21.81 crores. The education committee demanded increase by 1.5 times in allocation for honorarium, tea and snacks, study tour and guest expenses of the 13 members education committee, from 12.5 lakhs to 29 lakhs. The Education Committee demanded Rs. 7.5 crores for construction, Repairs and maintenance of school building, purchase of land and developing school ground, which is Rs 5.75 crores, more than the allocation proposed by the administration. The Education committee demanded on additional Rs.2.10 crores for providing P.T uniforms, P.T Shoes, School Bag and Raincoats to the student for the first time. The Standing committee approved Rs. 2.5 crores more than that proposed by the administration, and Rs. 5.1480 crores less than that demanded by the education committee. The SC Chairman Dr. Jayaji Nath failed to specify for, which proposals of the education committee, the SC approved the increased budget. The Golden Handshake between the chairman of education committee Ram Vichare of NCP and the opposition Shiv Sena member in the standing committee Nhanu Teli was evident, which paved the way to increase the budgetary allocation for the education committee from the current years RS. 7.9314 crores to Rs. 21.85 crores for 2006-07, which is almost 3 times that of the current year. Will the 3 times more allocation, improve the quality of education or will it go only to spend more on civil works and purchase of kits, furniture, computers and equipment will all depend on the will of the administration or the interest of the corporator-contractor nexus in the corporation, which is evident in the budgetary allocation for the education board.


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