bus-depot-2The pathetic conditions prevailing at the Vashi Bus Depot is making commuting for students a nightmare. It might look like students’ standing besides a pond or lake but in reality it isn’t. They are at the depot of the most developed node of the city – Vashi. Year after year the condition of the Vashi bus depot becomes from bad to worse. Despite efforts, the NMMC Engineering department has failed to find a repairing solution to the mess. Every year each monsoon rips the cover and exposes the corruption in NMMC in the form of the potholes and craters. The most frustrated were the students who travel everyday from this spot. What is most concerning about the conditions at Vashi Bus Depot is that the NMMC Engineering Dept. does carry out repair work but after a few hours of rains, the work gives way to potholes. Compelling one to believe that either corruption has led to sub standard work or the NMMC Engineering Dept. has fails to do basic civic work in the city. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.


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