Tbia--2The Thane Belapur Industries Association has commenced a First Aid Program Training Center in the year 1992. In two years the center has completed training programs in 50 industrial units. The TBIA celebrated the moment at ICI at Koperkhairane. The Thane Belapur Belt has nearly 3000 small and big industrial units that include chemical industries, textile industries, technical units and the likes. Even though the glory of the belt is not the same as it was, there still are nearly 3 Lakh workers and employees working in the belt. With several industries not following safety norms, the employees and workers are exposed to risk that can even prove to be fatal during disasters. Realizing that the NMMC and MIDC Fire Brigade Units are not enough for the area, the Thane Belapur Industries Association in the year 1992 had commenced a training center that trains workers and employees of the industries on the precautions and immediate steps to be taken if there is a fire or disasters of similar sorts. The training programs are conducted at different industrial units. Recently the center touched the score of 50 and the moment was celebrated as Golden Jubilee of the Training Center Programs of the Thane Belapur Association. This was marked by the training sessions taken by industry expert Manjeet Sinh at ICI Koperkhairane.


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