tree 1So there has been a lot of talk about planting trees and enhancing greenery in the city. But there still are areas where the insensitive treatment being given to trees raise doubts about the work that the NMMC Tree Authority is doing, finds out Milind Tambe. Nearly 2 Crores – that is the figure we spend almost every year for planting new green heads and conserving the old ones. But concerns have always been voiced about both the areas. And with reason. For instance take a look at this; the netting that was done around these trees was without doubt done to protect them when the saplings were planted. But despite growing into trees, the netting has not been removed hampering the growth of these plants. Take a look for yourself at the battle the trees are putting up with the netting to grow. And the atrocities, if that’s what one can call it, does not end here. Some people have even been nailing in trees to put up advertisements boards of their businesses. At many places, trees that feel or bend down during monsoons have not yet been removed. And hence, there is reason when one says that, courtesy to the apathy and negligent attitude of NMMC Tree Authority, if trees had mouth, they would cry day and night for the brutal way insensitive and irresponsible humans treat them. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Milind Tambe for Navi Mumbai News.


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