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Tribute paid to all the victims of the Tokyo subway system on its 20th Anniversary, Japan

Twenty years on and Japan is still trying to recover from the shock and aftermath of one of the biggest and deadliest attack of nerve gas by a cult at the Tokyo subway system that had resulted in the death of 13 and 6000 still suffering from the nerve gas impact. 20 years back Aum Supreme Truth Cult under the leadership of Shoko Asahara dumped the nerve gas ‘sarin’ inside trains.

Sarin- It is an odorless, colorless gas which if being exposed only with a little margin can paralysis the lungs, damage the neurological systems and can even cause death. This nerve gas was developed in Nazi Germany and was used by Saddam Hussain to fight against his enemies.

On the doomsday thousands of commuters were exposed to this deadly gas because of which many had died instantly while 6000 were being rushed to the hospital who are till date still suffering from the after effect of the gas.

At 8 am Japan observed silence in remembrance of the victims along with those who are still suffering. Two decades have passed yet the reason behind this deadly attack still remains a mystery to Japan and to the world, two decades on and still the culprits who were successfully arrested are till date waiting to meet the death penalties that had been sentenced to them. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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