dumping-ground-8Yesterday we aired a report on how Hanuman Nagar is vulnerable to be hit by an epidemic. Which once again raises the questions about the scientific development of the Turbhe Dumping Ground. During the official shifting ceremony of the Turbhe Dumping Ground, authorities and leaders made promises of developing the dumping ground such that even restaurants will willingly function in the area. But even after two years and Rs. 4 Crore, the TDG seems to be yet another failed project of NMMC. During the shifting of the dumping ground from Koperkhairane to Turbhe, NMMC had promised on scientifically processing the Municipal solid waste as per provisions of the municipal solid waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2000. At that time, the MPCB had given its’ NOC based on this. However, even namesake implementation of the rules is not being done. Though Rs 4 Crores has been spent already. The MPCB has threatened NMMC of legal action and warned them not to continue dumping garbage in the TDG. Even as NMMC continues to ignore MPCB notices, the High Court has admitted a public interest litigation. Though a SC ruling states that there should be no human zone within 1 km range, not more than 50 meters away there is a population of atleast 20 thousand living in slums here. Even the Turbhe Railway Station is not more than 300 meters away from the dumping ground. Last year on July 19, 2005, MPCB had issued a show cause notice to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner as to why action should not be initiated for flouting ruler. The Board observed that though the landfill site in Turbhe is not being operated in the manner specified in schedule-II of the said rules. The PIL filed takes strong notice of the effect the dumping ground in having on the health of those living in slums near it. At Hanuman Nagar, there is high probability of an epidemic. Dwellers say that more than 13 people have died here but there is still no one to hear to their cries. With no check at the dumping ground, young children enter the area. Navi Mumbai News brings to you the sad picture of the city where a little girl is eating on the garbage here and there is hardly any difference between the life of animals and the poor. And despite this reality politicians boast of making Navi Mumbai a Singapore. Only a strong instructions by High Court might bring relief to the poor dying here. For the city, draining of public funds in Crores for failed projects like ghanta gadi, the Turbhe Dumping Ground and so far even Morbe continues to be the cruel reality.


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