UAE focusses on reconstructing Aden with successful campaign aid funds of AED 500mn

The UAE government is focussing on developing Aden and reconstructing it to provide safety, security and stability to the citizens of this region. A campaign to raise AED 500 million to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Yemen also proved successful with it receiving AED 522 million.

“We are working with the King Salman Relief Centre and we already covered eight provinces so far in Yemen,” said Sultan Al Shamsi, assistant undersecretary for international development at the ministry.

“But we are more focused on Aden because the government is already there so we have to start the rehabilitation and recovery stage and hopefully work with them on rebuilding.”

Mr Al Shamsi added that security was given a priority with police training in the process. “We are also working on the electricity so we are doing some evaluations,” he said. “Aden is now fine in terms of electricity and we are trying to link it with other neighbouring or surrounding provinces.”

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