US President Barack Obama offers Ramadan greetings to Muslims

United States President Barack Obama has given his “best wishes to Muslim communities in the United States and around the world” for the holy month of Ramadan.
The official statement released by White House says that, while Ramadan is a festive occasion, it’s also a time of “deep reflection and sacrifice”.

The President urged people to reach out to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia. The statement says that, “The heartbreaking accounts of lost lives and the images of families and children in Somalia and the Horn of Africa struggling to survive remind us of our common humanity and compel us to act. Now is the time for nations and peoples to come together to avert an even worse catastrophe by offering support and assistance to on-going relief efforts. [Ramadan] is also a reminder of the importance of reaching out to those less fortunate.”

The President will be hosting iftar dinner at the White House


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