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Video of an Afghan woman been shot down by Taliban assailants, a reminder of the brutality on girls and women in the country

The video that had been recently been showed on the websites, where a 22 year old Afghan woman had been approached by a man with a rifle in his hand, who shoots her from the back three times and then footage showing the dead body of the woman and then cheering amongst the witnesses that had been present at the site.

The reason that had been given for brutally murdering the woman was because she was accused of adultery. Actually the woman was sexually involved with two Taliban commanders and this was the only way to settle the dispute among them.

Release of the video footage had raised a rage among the government officials and the netizens demanding for the arrest of the Taliban commanders who are responsible for this disgusting tragedy. But with this incident the world once again has been reminded of the barbaric cruelty against the girls and women of Afghan, with no proper justice for them. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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