standing--3The in fight brewing between the city NCP party once again came out in the open during this week’s Standing Committee meet. Under the headship of Chairman Vijay Chougele, the NMMC Standing Committee approved the bids for processing of city garbage inspite of Sandeep Naik’s call for replacing the proposed technology with a better one. The approval of the bid for processing city garbage inspite of Sandeep Naik’s call for replacing the proposed technology with a better one, though is viewed as Standing Committee Chairman Vijay Chougele’s first official victory in the battle for supremacy against the Naik faction within he NCP, the Standing Committee Chairman insists that it is no inter-party feud. In a press conference later, Vijay Chougele clarified that there was no party diktat against the proposal. The proposals for adopting the IBR EATAD technology to manufacture bio fertilizer liquid plant nutrient by Jini Om Biotechnology, Mumbai and to manufacture fertilizer and fuel pellets by Vini Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. were approved by majority vote of 8 against 7 with the approval of the Chairman too. Sandip Naik demanded that proposal be sent back as there were better technologies available than the IBR EATAD for processing garbage like insulation based Plasma Technology. Dr. Jayaji Nath seconded Naik’s proposal. However Ramakant Mhatre, Vittal More, Shivram Patil and D K Jadhav insisted that NMMC had spearheaded the scientific dumping of city garbage and the present proposal would be another achievement. City Engineer Dagaonkar provided the details stating the bid was cost-effective and profitable and a boon to the environment protection of the city. The NCP majority in the Standing Committee remained mute spectators and dumbly followed the diktat of Sandip Naik. Thus Dr. Nath, Sneha Palkar, Mahadev Thorat, Ratna Vishwasrao, Keshav Mhatre and Dinanath Patil voted against the proposal. Sandip Naik had demanded that the adjourned Standing Committee meeting on August 10 be held next week. However, Vijay Chougele called the meeting the very next day on August 11. There was an obvious issue of this proposal, for which Sandip Naik reached the meeting and monitored the decision of the NCP members. However, opposition members Shivram Patil, Vittal More, Ramakant Mhatre, Prakash Mate, Vilas Bhoir and D K Jadhav managed to get the proposal approved with Sanjay Patil of NCP and Vijaya Thakur the NCP supported independent member, in response to the chairman’s call thus approving the proposed with 8 votes against 7.


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