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War of Power between President Obama and Supreme Court still on a march

After the Supreme Court response on Obamacare policy, everybody are on a wonder roller coaster as to how will the strongest personality of America deal with the utmost power of law. Either he might start a strong campaign against the Supreme Court where he can prove the court in being wrong or he might or would refrain himself in direct assaulting the Court in the wake of the aspect that this act would act beneficial for the Republicans to stand united with the court and the constitution.

History of American constitution has laid out facts where it had been happening more often when the Supreme Court had struck down initiatives deal by Presidents and one such example who had gone through this era was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Franklin also had faced the factor of ‘Supreme Power’ against his initiatives but instead of launching a powerful campaign against the Court, he preferred staying quiet and later launched a surprise attack in the form of his power court-packing scheme after reelection.

But that was 1936, how will Obama deal with the same matter in 2012, especially when he knows that there are chances that if being elected, Mitt Romney replaces one or more liberal justices. So President Barack Obama could possibly refrain himself from directly attacking the Supreme power and turn all the attention towards the decision that the Court is about to take on Obamacare. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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