With Mitt Romney leaving the election platform, all eyes and focus has now turned towards the new candidate Jeb Bush, Washington


The members of GOP are giving in everything to achieve success in the upcoming elections. For 2016 Presidential campaigning candidate Mitt Romney has been struck out, the reason could be very clear because of low impact support from the people. But with Romney gone from the limelight the other name that might create some magic for the Republicans would be Jeb Bush. But Jeb himself first have to work towards changing his image that has been created itself because of his surname. As not only America the world itself does not want another Bush in power. However, all those who have heard Jeb Bush are clear on one thing, the former Florida governor does speak differently, with impressive plans and strategy for the upliftment of the country. So, while gearing up in the right manner for the upcoming elections Jeb Bush definitely is in the race to give the Democrats a tough time. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV