Yet again security at the White House being questioned after a two foot wide device crashes on the White House grounds, Washington


Alarm, shock and then quick action took over the White House after a two foot device crashed into the grounds of White House. According to the security officers around 3:00 am a two foot device that had been identified as a ‘quad copter’ with a low altitude flew in the grounds of White House and then gradually fell and crashed. Though President Barack Obama along with the first lady is visiting India, their two daughters were in the White House along with their grandmother. All the exit of the White House had been locked out and immediate search within and outside the ground were carried out for any other possible threats. The officers stated to the reporters that the object that had been retrieved didn’t pose any threat nor was any harm done to anybody present in or outside the White House. Yet, a drone with four propellers did manage to make its entrance within the strict security system.

This wouldn’t be the first time that there had been lapses in the security by the Secret Service that are in charge of the security of the White House and the first family. There had been two more incidents related last year when security at the world’s most important building had been easily breached. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV