YouTube introduces a new feature the “breaking news section”

YouTube introduces a new feature the breaking news section on YouTube. This is Google’s latest attempt at capturing more viewers and keeping them involved for a longer period of time.This can be seen it on our timeline already, stacked neatly in-between the suggested YouTube flicks

Today YouTube is the biggest repository of video content in the world. Right from the latest songs to the most irrational DIY video, YouTube has it all. The only thing it lacked till now was live news, which was not possible to broadcast on YouTube, considering proper live streaming options. Moreover, people started taking YouTube as the ‘go-to’ place for little duration entertainment.

YouTube has now added the breaking news section to everyone’s homepage. We noticed it last morning while leaving for work — there’s a small separate section with all things urgent from a specific news channel. However, this appears only certain times; therefore you can’t have access to breaking news anytime like you do on television news channels.

While this is certainly a great step towards keeping its audience informed, it will certainly not be of much use as it creeps up only when something major happens. Anyways, you have your Google News feed brimming with information from every nook and corner of the world.

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